Echo Mirage

Intercept and modify local application network traffic before it hits the wire and before it gets encrypted.

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Echo Mirage 3.1 Released - 5 March 2013

Echo Mirage 3.1 is now available!

SureCheck 1.11 Available - 22 February 2013

SureCheck 1.11 has been released.

If you currently have SureCheck installed the automatic update process should take care of all the messy details.

For new installations SureCheck can be downloaded from the Customer Portal

The highlights in this release are covered below.

Of Epochs, Versions & Releases - 30 January 2012

Packages names in various operating systems and distributions can often seem to be an arbitrarily complex sequence of digits, letters and symbols.

Installing PostgreSQL, for example, and ending up with “postgresql- client-8.3.16_2,1”, can lead to some head scratching.

Package maintainers have a number of extra concerns, and that has led to package version numbers consisting of three components: Version, Release and Epoch.

Here’s how it all works…